Fashion Website Redesign

Fashion Website Design - LAFC NYC |

Client: Adrienne Borgersen, Editor-in-Chief, LA Fashionista Compassionista Link: Project Overview Founders Adrienne Borgersen and Lois Eastlund, an image consultant and fashion designer, respectively, started LA Fashionista Compassionista (LAFC) in 2014 when they saw a need for a platform dedicated to vegan, cruelty-free fashion and beauty. Catering to the growing demand for stylish and ethical alternatives, the … [Continue reading…]

Personal Art Portfolio

Art Portfolio - Linda Albertini Web Design

Client: Self Link: Project Overview One of the first web design projects I ever did, back when I was studying at UCSD Extension, was a little website to showcase all of my favorite artwork. Itching to show off my latest drawings, it was time for a fresh update to the page. By having a dedicated space to … [Continue reading…]

Vegan Petite Logo

Vegan Petite logo - Linda Albertini Web Design

Client: Self Link: Project Overview I wanted a new logo for my food blog, Vegan Petite. I wanted it to look unmistakably me, to reflect simplicity, compassion, femininity, joy, and in some way – plants. Process Summary I looked for inspiration from my favorite food blogs. My husband helped me brainstorm several concepts. When I finally … [Continue reading…]